Here are some pictures sent in by owners, proving that quality breeds on…


Dear Lucille

I thought I’d update you on Arthur and Clio now that they are over 9 months old. They continue to be a delight and have settled in very well. They get on with our other cats to the point where they are all on the same bed at the same time with no hissing! Clio likes her food and can hear a pouch being opened at a 100 paces. Arthur is more laid back and enjoys his cuddles. Clio does too.

Clio’s quite heavy (I don’t know excactly how much as I don’t have a weighing scale suitable to do the job) and Arthur must aleady weigh almost as much as our older male, which is about 7.5 kilos just from holding him. He’s also already almost as long. The floor tiles are 18″ square, so that gives you an idea.

They are both truely gorgeous and never fail to entertain and are very loving as well. I have taken them out of doors in my arms and on leashes and Arthur has not enjoyed it at all, clawing the glass to get back in, so he may be an indoor cat. It really distressed him Clio was quite happy on the leash after a few trips out into the garden and explored the shrubs and beds. I’m not planning on letting either of them loose on their own outdoors. They have plenty of space to charge around the house to exercise. The current favourite game is to take as many decorations off the tree. Clio is very skilled at this!

Thank you again for breeding these wonderful creatures.

Best wishes

Dear Lucille

I have not been in touch for a long time. I hope you are well. I am attaching photos of Pastis and Fleur, both are so so beautiful.

I would be looking at a new kitten in the new year and if that is ok I will be in touch with you.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

Best wishes

Hi Lucille and Larry

Well the Pocket Rocket as Roger calls her is having the time of her life. She is so full of beans and into everything. Jessica and Tabitha are slowly coming round and watch her with great disdain as if to say ‘we are the Queens of the Castle’ – but we will allow you to play with us’. We leave her in the lounge at night and she snuggles down into her pink Tigga Tower bed. We love her to pieces. She comes for lots of cuddles and strokes. She is eating well and loving life. She is a darling.

Hope you are both OK.
Best Wishes

Hi Lucille and Larry,

Hope this finds you and all at Majesticoons well.

Its been a week today and I wanted to let you know that Zeta has settled in brilliantly! She loves to hang out with the children and is fascinated by the things that they do and will watch them intently. She has adapted well the hustle and bustle of family life and seeks the room with the most activity rather than to shy away from it and will put herself right in the middle of the action! 

She has moments of real gentleness where she’ll stretch out her paws to touch your face and snuggle onto your neck or lap and absolutely loves to follow me around and into the rooms last thing at night as I check on the children.

She can be very chatty as she trills and chirps and doesn’t have a problem getting her point across! Especially at meal and play times!

Her eating, drinking and litter habits have been 100% since day one and I have no doubt that this is going to be a very intelligent cat and already is our most treasured family companion. We are most blessed.

I send my love to you on behalf of Zeta whom I’m sure, despite her happy disposition, has lots of wonderful memories of her first family which will stay with her forever.

We thank you again.
Rebecca and Richard xx

Hi Lucille

Here is Lemmy at nearly 10 months. He has the most wonderful personality I’ve ever come across in a cat – no one is immune to his charm and good looks. We still feel so blessed to have him in our lives 🙂

xx jane

Hello Lucille & Larry,

How are you? Our two darlings Mysty & Blue are two years old now and i thought you would like to see how they are doing. They are very well and they give us so much pleasure.

Mysty is turning into an absolute beauty and is so gentle. Blue is a typical male cat and thinks he’s the boss until someone knocks on the door and he scarpers under one of the beds.

They’re both gorgeous and thank you again for giving us the opportunity in owning two superb Maine Coons.

Robert Thomson

Hello Lucille

Misha and Merlin are devoted. They play together, groom each other and mostly and interestingly, hunt together (They hunt like a pride). They both sleep with us at night (With some jostling for position, ie Charlie and I occasionally rebel at having to sleep at the edges of the bed) and often they snuggle together in their daytime naps. Merlin has become a very talkative cat, he introduces himself whenever he walks into a room, brings us a mouse, or because he has cat advice when we are planting our spring bulbs etc. Misha has a tiny, impossibly high pitched little voice that we have of course become trained to hear, mainly because she can project it to glass shattering intensity if we ignore it.

We love them. I recall saying to you once that a house is not a home without Maine Coons in it. I should perhaps correct that a little, a house is not a home unless Maine Coons are actively crafting every aspect of its function.

As always we thank you for these beautiful members of our family. Without you there would be none of this joy in our lives.

Sandra H

Hello Lucille

I’ve attached latest photos of Pip (as you can see he’s growing well and so very beautiful). Steve and I are sure he grows an inch or two during every night time. We absolutely adore Pip, he’s so funny and very intelligent I love it he lets you stroke his tummy and so gentle, no claws appear as you do this.

Pip has now filed the void we felt since our previous cat passed away. His fab personality & presence is huge and he has a lovely growing relationship with Marti, my hearing dog, and us.

While we never know what the future holds, we will most certainly come to you if we have room for a female Majesticoon then.

Best wishes
Jan & Steve

Hello Lucille,

Here are some photos taken recently. Mysty & Blue are your creation and we would love to share them on your website page because they are absolutely adorable. We will send you some photos once a month so you can see their development yourself. We will always keep you informed on how they are because we can’t believe that we found probably the best breeder of Maine Coons in the UK. Even the vet asked, where did you get these cats from? When Blue eats his dry food he always leaves one of the feather swing toys in the dry food while he eats. When I feed them in the morning there are three of these toys all around their food bowls, even in the water bowl. Amazing.

Best regards

Dear Lucille

Majesticoon Thor is just a superstar and now has a big fan club.

I don’t think he will be our last Maine Coon so don’t retire anytime soon please!



I hope you are fine, I thought I would send a little update on how Braveheart is doing.

Where do I start? He is the naughtiest kitten I have ever come across but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He makes me laugh every day!

I have never had an animal settle in as quickly as he has done. He is a lovely contented cat with the sweetest of nature,he likes nothing better than to curl up in bed with us at night, not satisfied unless he is touching your face or neck. He follows us around the house and cries if one of us leaves the room.

Every year In July our town hold what they call scottish week where there are various activities for children through the week, sandcastle comps etc. this year my daughter wanted to enter him in the cat show and we were delighted that he won 1st in kitten, 1st in pedigree and 2nd in judges choice. Everyone commented on what a beautiful cat he is and he behaved impeccably, he even made the front page of the local newspaper. Needless to say my children were chuffed to bits.

I hope that all his brothers and sisters have settled in as well as he has. Thank you so much for our lovely boy.

PS Forgot to mention that Braveheart has some red nail varnish on his right hind paw. This will either wash or wear off so don’t worry but it was used to identify him from the other silver kitten that is travelling with him.

Kind regards
Kerry duthie

Dear Lucille

I hope Larry and you are both very well. I thought it was time for a quick update, and some photos!

As you can see Maybelle is growing well, and more beautiful as time goes by. She is a joy to be with, and we all absolutely adore her. She has such a great personality, very affectionate and also very funny! and she gets on so well with Teddy, our Tibetan Terrier. They chase each other around the house, which they both love! And when teddy is tired, Maybelle gets him to chase her, never seen a cat & dog like it!

It is amazing how much time you can spend just cuddling this gorgeous kitten!

Thank you so so much for Maybelle – we are all thrilled to bits with her. Definitely a very special cat.

Take care & all the best, until next update.

A. Morris xx

Hi Lucille,

I hope you are both well. Arthur is doing very well, his baby fluff is changing into a proper mature coat – he is a big boy already and very strong and powerful.

He is so very purry and chats a lot. Amazing personality and so beautiful. We love him to bits. Such a treasure.

Best wishes

Hi Lucille & Larry

It’s Memphis’ 3rd Birthday today. He has grown to a very handsome, gentle giant….8.2kg of pure awesomeness.

We couldn’t thank you enough.

I’ve attached a photo of him. He knew right away that the cake in the photo was his. He sat down in front of it until he’s sure I’ve taken enough pictures.

Hope you guys are doing well. Please give Princess Josephine a hug for us.

Sharon, Anderson and Memphis

Hello Lucille,

Miss Flora is absolutely adorable. I hope you think so too. She’s lively, curious, inquisitive and absolutely spoiled. I’m so impressed at how sociable she is and how quickly she has settled in. Such an intelligent little girl and so curious about everything. She is amazing and an absolute delight.

Flora is truly is my kitten and was worth the wait. What a well brought up kitten and I am indebted to Larry for his socialising of the kittens.


Dear Lucille & Larry

Thank you so much for these boys, these wonderful, intelligent, loving boys. We are totally astounded and in love with them.

Kate & Gemma

Dear Lucille & Larry

Can’t tell you how much we are loving and enjoying these two bundles of fun. The photos are at one year old and they are extraordinarily beautiful, not biased of course! Thank you again both of you for bringing so much joy back into our home. Love to you and Larry and all your Majesticoon family.

Mandy & Paul xx

Good Evening Lucille,

I hope that you and Larry are well.

It is now the third day that we have Sir Winston and he seems to have settled in very well!

He is very affectionate, confident and likes to talk a lot!

We would also like to say thank you to both you and Larry for providing a such beautiful Maine coon, we can already see his little character and I’m sure he will give us many years of joy ! We are truly very happy so thank you.

Anita S

Hi Lucille and Larry

Well the Pocket Rocket as Roger calls her is having the time of her life. She is so full of beans and into everything. Jessica and Tabitha are slowly coming round and watch her with great disdain as if to say ‘we are the Queens of the Castle’ – but we will allow you to play with us’. We leave her in the lounge at night and she snuggles down into her pink Tigga Tower bed. We love her to pieces. She comes for lots of cuddles and strokes. She is eating well and loving life. She is a darling.

Hope you are both OK. Will send more photos soon.

Best Wishes

Dear Lucille and Larry

I thought that you may like to see a few photos of Daisy Boo. As you will see she is growing into a beautiful young lady. She is fun, loving, gentle, inquisitive and loves people and cuddles. We all absolutely adore her. She has befriended the ponies but still stalks the chickens and enjoys coming on walks with us to collect the ponies from the field. She is truly gorgeous!

Thank you again for bringing her into the world and for the wonderful job you did in those early days to ensure that she is the beautiful, sociable, well mannered little lady she is.

I hope that you are all well.

Best wishes
Sarah, Jonny, Poppy and Freddie

Dear Lucille & Larry,

Just a quick note to let you know that Huckle has settled in well and seems very happy here. Every time I look he seems to have grown – he has a healthy appetite – and he’s certainly full of energy! He has only two settings: on and off. He’s either charging around or flat on his back. But he’s also very affectionate, will sit on my lap for hours, and is very comfortable with people, even complete strangers. He’s really a delight and everyone finds him adorable. He’s a great credit to you, and very much worth the wait.

I’ll send more news in due course.

Best wishes,

Dear Lucille

Just a few up to date photos of Majesticoon Jefferson who now weighs 4 kilos at 5 months of age ! Our vet says he is 100% healthy and a perfect example of a Maine Coon, but you already knew that!

Jefferson is very vocal, chattering and trilling and generally very sociable. Nothing fazes him, my daughter brought her 5 month old Staffie to visit today and Jefferson though it was great fun to run rings round him, putting down his kicker toy just out of the puppy’s reach and then running off with it if he as much as advanced an inch! He is so funny!

He is a bit of a magpie though, missing glasses, TV remotes and mobile phones, not to mention our grandchild’s favourite George Pig often disappear into his cave on the cat tree, it was a mystery as first when things went astray, but now we know just where to look!

We absolutely love him to bits, he gets on well with everyone and our two other Maine Coons have totally accepted that he is the boss! He is growing at an amazing rate, but I’m not much good with the camera so I don’t have any photos that truly show his size at the moment, but I will try to get some soon.

I hope you are both well, will send more photos and updates soon.

Kindest regards
Lisa x
October 2014

Dear Lucille and Larry

Here are some photos of Majesticoon Dolly, she is so gorgeous and I really think she has her mother’s eyes. Her markings are really showing now and her tail is becoming amazing! She has the most beautiful gentle character and is loved and adored by my other 3 cats – particularly my other mc Kassi. They are often partners in crime.

I hope you are both keeping very well. You are both the most amazing breeders and I would only recommend that anyone who would love a Maine coon cat comes to you.

Love from Lynda and Dolly xxxx

Dear Lucille and Larry,

We hope you are both keeping well. 

It has been a while since I sent you any news so i thought I would drop a quick line and send a few pictures of our wonderful Poupette. She could not be any more entertaining really and we want to thank you again for breeding such wonderful cats. We have had nothing but compliments on how wonderful and pretty she is.

Poupette is now going out in the garden on harness and she loves it… flies or any insects out there just do not stand a chance… and she is just like Larry had said, a very good goal keeper! She loves playing ball games! We also have all the chirping going to make sure that we do attend to her demands… She could not have found any better home really as we are totally gaga and we secretly love it!

Kind Regards,
Valerie and David

Hi Lucille,

Max loved Christmas, and we discovered the ‘Flying Frenzy’ toy. We laughed so much at his antics. So much jumping through the air…..he doesn’t seem to have any fear! He soon learned that Paul will let him take the toy and make off with it when he’s caught it, and so a frantic chase ensues (usually outside and under the table on the patio!!). He definitely dictates when we play, but now he can go in the garden again he is spending a lot more time asleep in the evenings (obviously the fresh air is tiring!!) rather than demanding playtime. We bought the toy from Purrs in our hearts, and they sent us a free dragonfly end for it in the last order ….now that’s what I call customer service!

I attach a couple of recent photos….I think he’s growing into a very handsome young man at 10 months old……still has large paws though (if he grows into those ….!!) 🙂

Julie R

Hello Lucille and Larry,

I’ve attached a few pictures of Memphis. He’s now 1 year and four months old. Still a young cat but definitely bigger that your average Tom. A friend came to visit and said we own a catzilla. I told her it’s the other way around; he owns us. We are mere slaves and have to answer to every purr and meow.

He prefers staying indoors and occasionally goes out when the weather is 10 degrees and above. He’s actually better than BBC in predicting the weather. When he wants to go out, we know that a scarf and a bonnet is not needed. 🙂

Take care and kind regards to all the Majesticoon cats (specially to Princess Josephine for giving us a wonderful, handsome boy.)

Sharon, Anderson and Memphis

Hello Lucille and Larry

Hattie is growing fast and her tail is getting long and fluffy and her ‘racoon’ rings are developing. The classic tabby spots on her side are lovely.

She’s a happy little cat, mischievous and into everything. She will bring back to you practically anything you throw that she can pick up. She loves balls of wool and still carries her feather stick (now without feathers) about with her.

She and Rameses love each other, although she does annoy him a bit sometimes, especially when she launches herself at him and hangs on to his neck. He is very kind and incredibly patient.
We took her to the vet and had 4 staff cooing over her. One called her ‘a cute little snow leopard’ (don’t they have spots?) I’ve a feeling they’ll be queuing up to see her next time, perhaps we should charge!

She is the prettiest, most gorgeous little cat and we all love her dearly. I enclose a photo for you.

Best wishes
Corryn & Brian
not forgetting Rameses and Hatshepsut

Hello Lucille & Larry.

Sir Lancelot is the most adorable cat I have ever met. Merlin has adopted him and they have great fun tearing around the house. You were right, they have indeed become good friends I’m glad to say.

Attached picture as an update. What a terrific breeder you are Lucille. Sir Lancelot’s temperament is remarkable, and he has a wonderful “spotted” belly, which everyone comments on.

Vanessa H

Hi Lucille,

At last here are a couple of photos of Sheldon at six months old. I spend so much time playing with him and talking with him that I forget to take any pictures. I have dozens and dozens of him asleep in varying poses. If anybody doubts the truth of the accolades to the Majesticoon lines and all the work that Lucille and Larry give then they should stop immediately. They are the most beautiful inside and outside cats you will ever meet. I feel so lucky …everyday when Sheldon yawns and stretches out on my bed and then leans across with his front paw and chirruping his good morning to me before he leaps off to do his ablutions. He is rarely more than a couple of feet away from me at any given time. I couldn’t love him or cherish him more nor begin to tell Lucille how very happy she has made me. He is perfect in every way and a great traveller. He sits in the car with his harness and lead. He’s already been to our London flat from Cornwall a couple of times. Anyway, I know as I write this everyone who has a Majesticoon cat is nodding their head and agreeing whole heartedly with me.

Jen S.

If ever you own a Majesticoon you should not only feel lucky but privileged.

I own a boarding cattery and have 3 beautiful cats of my own. My boys are Tonkinese X Bengals (very strong characters) and my girl is a Tonkinese. I get all different breeds of cats boarding at the cattery and then I met the beautiful Maine Coon Calli. Her father is pictured on the Majesticoon website with the wine bottle. Her temperament is fantastic, she is regal and a wonderful cat. I had to have one! I researched the breed and when it came down to it I went to Calli’s breeder. I contacted Majesticoon and I was now on a waiting list.

As the months went by I got to talk to Lucille quite a lot. She asked me about my lifestyle and my own cat family. During this period I called upon Lucille for her knowledge of hand rearing kittens as I had started to do this for Cats Protection. This is when I realised just how dedicated and caring Lucille is.

I was never fussy about what colour or size my cat would be. I just needed a cat that would work in my strong multi cat household (I had to re-home a Siamese X) My only request was a female to make it work in my home.

Lucille breeds for temperament and health, very important considerations, together with excellent type.

By the time your kitten is ready to leave and go to their forever home, Lucille’s husband Larry has done a marvellous job in socialising the kittens. They are confident little creatures that have manners. Lucille and Larry are amazing breeders with such passion to keep true to the Maine Coon breed.

I can honestly say that I have the most amazing little girl. She is not only the most beautiful but a happy and confident Maine Coon. I can’t thank Lucille and Larry enough for completing my cat family (well I may have to get another little girl) and making me so happy.


Thank you for our baby boy. He is everything that we could have wanted and more and that is a direct tribute to you two and all of the work that you have poured into your lines of kittens. Majesticoon King Pygmalion has made our little lives complete and we will be forever grateful to you two for making it possible.

We are in absolute awe of him and adore him completely – thank you both so much for all of your care and attention to him. It shows!

Lots of love,
Kate, Gemma & Pyggie

Hi Lucille,

We have arrived safely to our home. Lucca was fantastic on his journey. We had to give him some coldpaks and cans of refrigerated drinks to keep him cool, along with a few drops of water from a syringe on a regular basis. but he was so well behaved, I honestly have never seen such a laid back cat.

I can’t compliment you enough on your breeding. He is so perfect in every way, apart from being a fantastic looking Maine Coon; He is so incredibly curious but very confident, and content, despite the changes he is going through. He is a very vocal cat who seems to love expressing himself and his desires for food or attention. He has shown no signs of missing his siblings or being distressed. He has more energy than I thought possible, and an appetite to match which results in what seems like visible growth on a daily basis. You’ve taught him great hygiene, he hasn’t missed the litter tray once so far. He has adapted so fast and is a really intelligent boy. I am so pleased with Lucca and with the service you have provided, honestly you have brought him up to be just perfect from the moment we have had him. Thank you so much!

I will keep you updated on his progress, along with pictures, as he grows.

I’m very keen to see your silver tabbies in the future, I’m hoping next year we will be able to get him a little brother.

Kind regards,


29 July 2013

Hi there Lucille and Larry,

I hope you are well. I thought you may like a photo taken of Hottie on his Birthday 1st of August.

Hottie is still our baby even though he has outgrown all the local toms. He is such a gentle soul, but his own cat. We are still being trained by him, for example at night time snuggles involve him sitting on me or between us grabbing one of my thumbs and holding it firmly in place until either he or I fall asleep.

We love him very much.

Thank you

Lesley G 04/08/12

Dear Lucille

Zac has settled in completely, bringing nothing but joy to us all – and his sweet, unthreatening nature has even endeared him to the big girl. Although, as you can see from the last shot, he’s grown so quickly, he’s nearly as big as her already! Goodness only knows how big he’s going to end up.

Hope all is well with you and all your beautiful cats.

With all our best wishes from London

Simon and Stephanie


Kate and I are so thrilled with our Maine Coons Jackson and Scout. They are exceptional cats from an exceptional breeder!

Andy x


Hi Lucille

Sybil is doing brilliantly, she has been introduced to Tonto and neither are very worried.

She is absolutely stunning!

Thank you



Hi Lu and Larry,

Hope you are both okay,

Luna is doing really well and is snuggled up on my lap as I am typing. She really is a gorgeous little girl and continues to be an absolute bundle of fun!

Thank you

Julie & Kevin


Just to let you see what a beautiful boy Jarvis has grown into. We all absolutely adore him, he’s such a character……very naughty!!!

We’d love another kitten when we move so hoping your list is not too long.

Thank you again for our gorgeous boy

Very best wishes



Hi Lucille,

Hope this finds you well. Here is a photo of Toffee, it was taken in the middle of August. She is just gorgeous!!!!

With many thanks,



Hello Lucille, Larry

As I am sure you know, Harry was one on 1st August. I thought you’d like a picture of the birthday boy. He didn’t do much, just playing in the garden!

Hope you and your lovely kitties are well

Kind regards

Anita, Roger, Eleanor, Lulu and Harry x


Hi Lucille / Larry

Just a quick message to give you an update on Max.

Max has settled in well and has really taken to the family. 

His diet consists of the Royal Canin Maine Coon kitten food and minced Turkey.

As you say he is a cheeky boy and everyone loves him. Kristian has several fishing rods and other toys that he loves to play with. When he has had enough he swings off his scratching post and into the Tigga Tower for a sleep. So far he hasn’t been outside yet, although we do have a harness and lead for him. I’m sure it will come eventually. 

Regards, Chris, Julia and Kristian


Dear Lucille and Larry

Here are some recent photos of Paris and Achilles. They are both wonderful and healthy, and still very playful. They are devoted to each other, always appear together, and play constantly. I’m so glad I had two!

Best wishes

Gary W, 23/08/12

Hi Lu and Larry

Jackson and Scout are great buddies – playing, eating and sleeping (see the pic – J’s head resting against her leg – aaah) together. It’s like when they’re good they are very very good and when they are bad they’re little terrors 🙂

And Jackson? Well he’s is just utterly adorable – sweet, affectionate, playful and loving, but with catitude!! Kate and I are completely nuts about him – never quite had a cat like him before. a testament to the way that you nurtured him before he came to us.

We are so lucky to have him.

Once again, so many thanks.

A. and K. xx 27/11/2011

Hi Lucille

How are you both well, we hope? I have finally been able to get a decent photo of Skye – Islay hates her photo being taken and runs away! Attached taken today, of Skye in the snow! She was not impressed and ran inside once her paws got cold and her huge tail very wet! They are both LOVELY – such gentle giants, even for girls, and have retained their very pretty faces as they’ve grown up.

They are both doing well – Islay weights 9lb and Skye 10.5lb already and are only 9 months old! They are funny, lively and great company – we are soooooooo glad they are ours! They both think they are meercats and often balance back on their haunches for ages looking at something that takes their interest. Skye is obsessed with emery boards – we have to hide them away in drawers ‘cos she steals them otherwise! And Islay is the ‘lady’ of the two, much more fastidious!
I’ll try to get a photo of Islay (likely when she’s asleep cos then she can’t see the camera!) and email it over.

S, A. & S. 07/12/2011


I hope you and yours had a good Xmas day and are all well. We did and are – also Hottie allowed me to have a sleep in till 8.30am, he is so gracious Ha Ha.

Hottie grows by the day – when you said he would soon outgrow his Cat Carrier, I did not appreciate how fast he grows – Wow.

He recently got his “out side” coat which is and escape proof, material harness with a clip for a lead. He has taken to it very quickly as it is always associated with going into the garden.

He loves to run out and firstly checks to see if next door’s young Beagle is out & tethered – if she is he then takes great pleasure in staring at her until she is in a state, even to jumping down and sitting just out of reach of her nose, he is so naughty and unflappable. Once the Beagle has been visited he checks out the Cat runs in the garden for scents, before attempting to catch anything that moves or flies. Thank you for Hottie, he is wonderful. He is training both of us to do as we are requested, and if we ignore the request then he takes further steps to get action!

Please find enclosed more photos, you are welcome to use them if you wish as we are both very proud of him.

L.G. 26/12/2011

P.s He is helping me now – lap tops are so warm, with interesting moving things!

Hello Lucille

Sorry we haven’t updated you on our lovely Harry. Anyway, he continues to be an absolute delight and everyone at the vets know him and have fallen in love with him. He’s growing fast and is full of mischief – very brave – especially around Lulu (she’s thawing slowly!). He’s very bright and loves to play “fetch” with his favourite ball (are you sure he’s not a retriever?!).

I hope you like the attached photos.

Will send more soon
Kindest regards
Anita 31/10/11

Hi Lucille

Yes – Harry certainly got his paws under the table quickly! It is a great credit to you that he made such a smooth transition from your home to ours – he had something to eat and used his litter tray within a few moments of arriving on Sunday.

He’s VERY vocal – trilling and trotting all over the place. He “announces” himself with a trill when he is about to charge across the lounge, go to the loo – everything really – and purrs like a mini machine gun. He is also very bright – Roger has a little game that he plays with Harry – but Harry out-smarted him – anticipating Roger’s next move – which was incredible.

I am keen to get a photo of the two of them together – Lulu looks HUGE – you get used to how big these beautiful cats are when you see them every day and we can’t believe Lulu was ever that small (she’s still our little girl) or that Harry will one day be as big as she is.

Thanks once again, Lucille – will keep in touch (will also make sure that one of the many, many hugs he gets is from you!)

Kind regards
Anita 06/10/11

Hi Lucille

I hope you are both well

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Sonny as he is growing up now. He is so lovely and follows us all around where ever we go especially Beau and our daughter but then she does sit with him in her bedroom reading him stories!

I will send you some more pictures soon

Best Wishes
Justine 27/10/11

Hi Lucille,

Barney is settling in just fine. He is bouncing round the house and he wont leave my side. In fact I normally wake up in the middle of the night with him wrapped round my neck!

Dave 21/10/11

Dear Lucille

I attach some pics for you. She has really settled in, is eating well and generally causing havoc!


Dear Lucille and Larry,

I hope you are both well. Just to let you know that the boys have really settled in well,and have taken over the house,they are delightful,They seem to be rocket propelled, they make me feel tired just watching them, they are both really affectionate and love a cuddle and make little chirping noises.They are going to grow into extremely handsome boys, everyone who sees them just wants to run off with them.I will of course keep you updated on their progress and send photo’s soon.Thank you so much for everything.

Best regards Roddy. 24/09/11

Dear Lucille and Larry

Here’s our wonderful Jackson snoozing on my piano stool – I expect to start giving him piano lessons in the next 4 weeks!

He is, I think, one of the most beautiful Maine Coons that I’ve ever seen. At just only 13 weeks old, he’s growing up SO fast! Kate and I adore him. Once again, thank you both so much, more pics to follow, I promise.

Best wishes to you
A. R 11/10/11

Dear Lucille,

I was just browsing through the Majesticoon site – something I haven’t done for some time – and I am so sorry to hear of Anita’s sad passing in May. She was a true delight to talk to, and really made myself and my husband feel very comfortable in having a Maine Coon kitten, a dream I had had for many years. Her knowledge, and the way she instinctively knew which kitten was best suited to you, was second to none.

My beautiful baby is now 2 years old, and is full of character. Majesticoon Dumbledor-Hogwarts (the Hogwarts is something we added after a few weeks having him) spends his time either finding areas of water to splash in (including the drinking bowls and bath) or tracking down interesting wildlife to bring in and show us. Usually frogs! He is well and truly put in place by our DSH tabby female that is just a year older, around 1/3 of his weight and takes great delight in bossing this enormous cat around.

Hoggy, as he is known, is just perfect in every way. From the text book Maine Coon traits of loving water to his impressive size and stunning coat, we could not have imagined having a Maine Coon from anyone else. Hope you like the photos of him on his second birthday this June.

V. Evans Oct 2011.

Hoggy is certainly growing well!

Hi Lucille,

Just a quick update from Tiger. Today he is five months old and I just took a few pictures of him. I’ve never had a cat like him before, soemtimes I think he’s a dog! He likes the company and always follows me around the house, in the morning he always wakes me up, a bit too early :-). He is just part of the family.

NM 02/08/11

The magnificent Majesticoon Tiger growing well with excellent type, long lynx tips, strong jaw, good tufts and huge paws.

The gorgeous Majesticoon Serefina. A large, beautiful feminine cat with excellent type, lynx tips and a wonderful long flowing coat. See her when she was younger on the pictures page.

Hi Lucille,

These kittens are simply the best! They are so handsome, so much fun, and have wonderful natures. They already come and settle down with you when they’re tired out chasing each other, learn incredibly quickly, and are so friendly.

You should be extremely proud of taking over as you are going to give a lot of people a lot of pleasure! I’ll keep you up to date.

Best wishes,
Gary 24/06/11

Hi Lucille

This is a few pictures of Tiger made when he was 3 months and 6 days old. He is growing fast. Tiger is amazing cat and we love every bit of him. He makes us laugh every day.

Best Wishes.
Natasha. 12/06/11

Great Maine Coon, lovely tips and large paws.

We thought you might like to see a pic of Max who is 1 today. We love him very much.

Best Wishes,
J & R. 07/04/11

Maximus is an excellent example of Majesticoon breeding with wonderful colouring and strong features.

Hallo Anita!

This cat was purchased for Pet and for Show in Russia 07/11/2009. We were very successful in shows (got EX1 in Kitten and Junior class with FIFE and EX1 in Junior class with WCF). He is Very beautiful, friendly, funny boy.

With the Best Regards.
Mrs. E.F., Mr. A. F.,16/03/11

Yes, lovely Maine Coon and what a difference the light makes to the colouring.

Pebbles has a new ball and is playing for England!
K. 18/03/11

I thought I’d drop you a line and send a few recent photos of Bailey. It’s hard to believe that I have had him for 2 years now, I don’t know where the time has gone to. He is growing into the most beautiful cat, with the loveliest of temperaments. He is so laid back, that he’s practically horizontal. Everyone who sees him or his photo fall in love with him, my sister only visits me to see Bailey and my other cats. I am so pleased that I chose a Maine Coon to join our household, he is an absolute treasure.

Best wishes,
S.W. 13/03/11

Bailey certainly is a beautiful Maine Coon.

Hi Anita

Its been two weeks and Merlin has definitely settled in. He is the centre of attention and rules the roost. He has a lovely temperament, he is vey lively and play with his toys very much. He’s favourite toy is his tunnel. I have attached a couple of photos. He is growing very fast and looks forward to a play mate, so please let us know if there is any sign.

R. M. 30/01/2011

Dear Anita

We bought two Maine Coons 18 years ago from you, one was a Brown tabby called Caline and one a Silver tabby called Graham who died at 18 years old on Sunday 19 December. Graham sadly passed away at the weekend and I would love to be able get another one like him. Thanks so very much for selling us this amazing Maine coon 18 years ago and I do hope you are able to let us have a Silver Tabby in due course.

Thanks C. 21/12/10

18 years old, a fantastic age for a grand old lion of a Maine Coon!!

Hi Anita,

As promised, please find attached pictures of Honey, she’ll be 4 years this July – how time flies. I’ve also attached a picture of Hugo (at 7 weeks) that was taken when we came to visit him on Monday. Hopefully they’ll be the best of friends!

Kind regards,
H. 06/01/11

Dear Anita

I thought you would like this pic of our babies. They are settling in and growing by the day and are as mad as a box of frogs!! They are going for a ride in the car to the vets this week for their remaining inoculation.

Will keep in touch
L. 11/07/2010

These two are still very young but look to be very good prospects for the future.

Hi Anita

I had a Maine Coon for 18 years. He was an amazing cat, and irreplaceable. However, I have always had cats, and have decided to get stick with Maine Coons now as they are such wonderful cats. I will be looking for 2 kittens.

G. W. 06/06/2010

Keanu looked good at 17 years old!!

Hi Anita

I thought I would send you a picture of Monty enjoying the snow today. He is very nearly 10 months old and is a very loved part of our family. He is very much coming into his own and is really starting to show the Maine coon’s fantastic features. He is loved by all who have the pleasure of meeting him. I will continue to keep you updated from time to time as it must be lovely to see them all grow up.

Best Wishes and a very Happy New Year

S. Wright 06 January 2010

Wow, Monty is great looking Maine Coon!! Maine Coons love the snow!

Hi Anita

I wanted to update you on Issi’s progress. She is 15 months. She is amazing, full of fun and energy. No-one ever comes to see me now they all come to see my Issi. She showed an interest in the outside from the start. However she wasn’t allowed out until she had all her jabs and was ‘done’! I also made the back garden as escape proof as I could. She has never tried to get out and loves it in all conditions. She has proved to be a true Maine Coon these past few weeks playing in the snow.

My sister has two Siamese cats who follow Issi around where ever she goes if they come to stay. Her other friend is a seven year old Cocker Spaniel who can’t decide if she is a cat or a dog!

Every day she does something to make me laugh and I wouldn’t be without her.

Best wishes, Trish 03 January 2010

She certainly is a very pretty girl.

Dear Anita,

Just a quick thank you note for our beautiful Tabatha ( or Tabs ). She is six months old now, and a true member of the family. She is such loving and gentle cat, that we even let her sleep with our three year old. Very much looking forward to have a little brother for her sometime in February.

All the best,
C and J. M. 12/12/09

Hello Anita

We thought we would check back in with you to show you a few pictures of the wonderful cat you sold to us! He has just passed the 5 year mark now and Archie (Archimedes) is still getting bigger !! He is so good-natured, I’ve never known such a talkative cat.

Again thank you for such a wonderful cat.

The E family. 15/10/09

Hi Anita

Just sending you a photo of Diesel. He had his second birthday in May. He has turned into a cracking big chap. He rules the neighbourhood and everyone comments on how handsome he is. As you can see from the photo he has really filled out and has a great big main around his neck. Thanks again for a wonderful cat.

Best Regards
R & E

Hi Anita

Thought I would send you a couple of pictures to show you how my stunning boy Hercules is growing, he is amazing and I love him so much.

My other cat Tao loves him and doesn’t stop washing him, he is a little rascal and into every thing but a pleasure to have around. I have been brave and just started to let him out when I’m home and he runs around the garden like a nutter and catches every fly possible.

Kind Regards
M and H

Hi Anita

Thought id update you on Obi & Kaii.

Both are doing well, very healthy, lovely tempered cats, a joy to have around, & a constant source of amusement.

Everyone who sees them loves them, and are amazed at their size and dog like behaviour.

They are 17 months old, and as you can see in the pictures very large already. They are roughly 30-35 inches nose to tail, Obi weighs 7.6 kilos, and Kaii weighs 8 kilos, and they still have a few years of growing left to do.

They are such a wonderful breed, the ideal pet, I’d recommend them and you to anyone.

Thanks Anita, they are a credit to you.

Paul. 09/08/09

Hi Anita,

I thought I’d drop you a line now Bailey is just over 7 months old. He is appears to be growing at a rate and is now as large as my adult cats. He is very friendly towards visitors and likes to show off. He loves a fuss and remains very inquisitive.

Best Wishes
Sue 28/07/09

Good afternoon Anita,

I have just been onto your website and was delighted to see Angel’s picture still on there. Well as you know I did buy another kitten from you to join Angel and her name is Pixie. I have attached a photo of them together, Angel is now seven and Pixie is three and as you can see they adore each other. I hope you will add the picture to your letter page. I cannot tell you what a joy they bring to my husband and my lives.

Kind regards,
Heidi 13/07/09

Dear Anita,

I haven’t been in touch for a few years but I happened on your web site today and thought I would send you an email with a picture of Rameses (Kevin to his friends) so that you can see the grand gentleman he’s grown into. He’s still the boss in the house even though he’s coming up on 11yrs in August.

Lyn 30/05/09

Hi Anita

I hope all is well with you and your cats. I just wanted to update you on Charlie as well as enclosing a more up to date photo of him. The photo doesn’t really show his lynx tips off but I’ll try to get another photo of him when the weather is better. He is still a really adorable cat but still growing. He’s now nearly 9 kilos! He very much likes his home comforts and doesn’t like getting his feet wet in the rain. There is usually a race in the evening for the armchair by the radiator. Any attempt to get up from the chair in order to get supper results in the loss of the chair and he doesn’t take kindly to being asked to move.

Best wishes
F. K. 27/01/09

Great looking Maine Coon.

Hi Anita

We bought Milo from you in 2003 and I wanted to show you what a beautiful boy he has grown into. He certainly lives up to his pedigree of Majesticoon and more or less Lords it over the rest of us, we know our place, as do the dogs who live next door! We don’t mind though as he is the most fantastic and loving cat you could wish for. I’ve attached a photo of him for you, but I’ve got to go now as he’s waiting for his supper to be served.

Emma 22/01/09

Wow, king of the world this one.

Hi Anita

I am attaching a picture of Hercules. He is wonderful and loved by all the family and of course very handsome. A big thank you from all the family.

D.M. 08/01/09

Another very nice light silver Maine Coon example.

Hi Anita,

Happy New Year to you and all you feline friends.

I was cooing over some snapshots of Ollie so I thought I’d send a couple on to you to show you what a beautiful boy he is growing into. The fist photo was taken in your kitchen when we were first introduced, I remember being stunned at how beautiful he was. The others are in the garden at 8 months and 9 months showing his beautiful mackerel markings and elegant poise (elegant isn’t the word that immediately springs to mind as he thunders around like a herd of elephants upstairs!). The final one is Ollie ‘relaxing’, we need to get a bigger sofa to fit us all on!

He’s just 10 months old now with enormous paws and a tail like a feather duster. Ollie’s tail is his pride and joy and he spends hours grooming it. He does an excellent job of looking after himself as you can see from the pictures.
Ollie is a joy to have around…and he’s always ‘around’!! He comes with me to visit my Mum and Dad sometimes, and settles in to their home just like he’s lived there for years. He’s so adorable, thank you so much, we love him to bits.

Best wishes Helen and Steven 05/01/2009

Ollie certainly is fine looking Mackerel and we would like to see more photos of him in future.

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