Breeding Cats -males and females & bloodlines

In 1979 contact was made with Louise Wohifort of the Roselu Cattery in the USA for a top breeding line to be bought to the UK. . Most breeding cat stock descends from the original imported bloodlines with the introduction of carefully selected world class European bloodlines to increase our gene pool.

Since our retirement in 2021, the Majesticoon bloodlines have returned to their origins in the USA and are now being bred by Opticoons Maine Coon Cattery, in Florida, USA who are ethical Florida Maine Coon Breeders registered with TICA.

Award winning breeding cats include Majesticoon Théoden residing in Malta who was awarded TICA Best International Blue Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon in 2018.

Here are our breeding cats – stud males and some of our queens and the colors and markings we specialize in:

All Majesticoon Maine Coons are purebred from original American stock that can be traced back to foundation. All With Lynx Tips. To give you an idea of the bloodlines a few of the key names are mentioned below and copy pedigrees of the queens from which many of our existing breeding stock were bred can be viewed below as well.

Heidi Ho’s

Here is a list of breeding queens, sadly no longer with us, that produced many of the breeding queens used today to continue the legacy of proven American foundation lines. Their brief pedigrees remain here for your reference.

Adhirlo Kristal
Adhirlo Sophia
Adinnlo Bella
Adouzlo Angel Princess
Adouzlo Lottie
Capecoon’s Arcadia
Majesticoon Anastasia
Majesticoon Annabelle
Majesticoon Antonia
Majesticoon Atlantas
Majesticoon Candy Cream
Majesticoon Jade
Majesticoon Jezabell
Majesticoon Lola
Majesticoon Madonna
Majesticoon Moonstar
Capecoons Augusta
Majesticoon Gemma
Majesticoon Candy Mist
Majesticoon Panda Girl
Majesticoon Shana
Majesticoon Arabella
Majesticoon Coletta
Majesticoon Starlight
Adinnlo Porsha
Majesticoon Sarina
Majesticoon Silver Showers
Majesticoon Tiger Lilly
Majesticoon Sweet Pea
Majesticoon Amelia
Majesticoon Athena
Majesticoon Venus

Reference Sires (now deceased)

Capecoon’s Machias
Majesticoon King Max