A few more Maine Coon photos sent in by owners.

Majesticoon Serefina

Introducing the young Majesticoon Serefina.

Majesticoon Magnus

What a really Majestic Maine Coon this boy is. A living Sphinx of a cat. Look at those massive paws and stunning eyes. Photos courtesy of his owners Frances and Richard.

Majesticoon Dudley

Look at this stunning red and white tabby. Majesticoon Dudley. Photo’s courtesy of owner K. Sharpe. At only 6 months old with massive paws, strong jaw, great tufts and tips. What a boy!!

Introducing Majesticoon Taffy

This set of photos gives a good idea of how a Maine Coon develops from a kitten into a full size cat. Courtesy of owners Anne and Steve B.

Now here he is in another great shot, the majestic pose of a nearly full grown Maine Coon. What a handsome fellow this boy is, Majesticoon Taffy.