MajestiCoons Around the World

The reach of the MajestiCoon Bloodlines over 40 years

We will be adding hundreds of location pins over time, the countries represented are in Green highlight.

MajestiCoon was born in the UK and we have strong roots in the United Kingdom, MajestiCoon has been transplanted and its roots are back in the USA where our bloodlines began some 40 years ago. We are now part of the Florida Maine Coon family, also known by its TICA registered name of OPTICOONS and MajestiCoon. OptiCoons is a multiple-year award-winning Maine Coon cattery located in Dunnellon, Florida. Today OptiCoons is one of the most respected and praised catteries in the United States and is Florida’s go-to breeder when seeking Authentic high-quality Maine Coon Kittens with outstanding health backgrounds, perfect characteristics, and temperaments.

MajestiCoons in the USA