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Majesticoon abides by the TICA Code of Ethics and their Responsible Breeder Programme. We are a TICA accredited online breeder and following veterinary inspection, we have been designated as an OUTSTANDING CATTERY by TICA for 2020.

Highly Infectious diseases that can be serious to young kittens can be spread unwittingly by people visiting various breeding establishments 'looking' to purchase a kitten. Therefore we have set a procedure in place which is strict but respectful to our cats and kittens, our customers and of course our own home. If you feel that you are unable to make a quality decision without first visiting a breeder and seeing the kittens before you commit, we would advise that you do thorough research and speak with a breeder at length before visiting. Hygiene and avoiding the risk of cross infection is of paramount importance to us at Majesticoon. We welcome visitors into our home to view our kittens only after their first course of vaccinations at 8-9 weeks and if they have reserved a particular kitten and made an appointment in advance.
Out of respect for existing customers already on our waiting lists, our cats and kittens and the privacy of our family life, we do not allow visitors who would 'just like to look' at either our kittens or our adult cats.