Breeding males and females & bloodlines

In 1979 contact was made with Louise Wohifort of the Roselu Cattery in the USA for the top breeding line to be bought to the UK. Small beginnings in 1979 and Lucille has continued to breed to high standards and has a number of queens and her own stud boys being a closed stud to outside cats. All breeding stock descend from the original imported bloodlines with the introduction of carefully selected world class European bloodlines to increase our gene pool.

All kittens are raised within the home, handled from birth, they are well socialised and litter trained.

Award winning cats include Majesticoon Pharaoh, Majesticoon Thomas and Majesticoon Rameses (The Great), Majesticoon Théoden residing in Malta who was awarded TICA Best International Blue Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon in 2018.

Lucille is an independent UK breeder and all kittens are registered with TICA. All kittens are given a full pedigree showing ancestry and kittens are registered with TICA.

Here are our breeding stud males and some of our queens and the colours and markings we specialise in:

All Majesticoon Maine Coons are purebred from original American stock that can be traced back to foundation. All With Lynx Tips. To give you an idea of the bloodlines a few of the key names are mentioned below and copy pedigrees of the queens from which our existing breeding stock were bred can be viewed below as well.

  • Capecoon
  • Charmalot
  • Heidi Ho's
  • Kiskata’s
  • Mainstay’s
  • Balicoon
  • Solkatz
  • Walmets
  • Illya’s
  • Friscoon’s
  • Kalicoon’s
  • Mtkittery’s

Here is a list of retired breeding queens that produced the breeding queens used today to continue the legacy of proven American foundation lines. Their brief pedigrees remain here for your reference.

Reference Sires (now retired)