How much do your Maine Coon Kittens cost?

Category: FAQ's

Our fully pedigreed Healthy, Affordable, and Adorable Maine Coon Kittens are priced by the litter. This is all dependent on many factors such as; confirmation and show quality, color and markings, and more. Our Maine Coon Kittens are bred to high ethical standards and proper bloodline matching and genetic testing. They are raised in our home as part of our family with grandchildren and dogs. These kittens are highly affordable considering the high quality sought after bloodlines they will carry. We don’t just put a male and female together and sell kittens. That would be in our opinion irresponsible to the breed and an unethical way to do business. MajestiCoon is an Award Winning TICA approved cattery. Please contact us for pricing as we average between 3,000 and 4,000 USD with a 5 year guarantee.